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november 30 & December 1 - refreshed and empowered with bethel AG, ministerios de dios and walk after christ

Expect a fresh touch from Holy Spirit as He meets your spirit, heart and physical needs.

Don’t be drunk with wine, that will ruin your life. Instead, be filled with the Holy Spirit...
— Ephesians 5:18

Fellowship, pray and receive with us!

We are going after God with everything we have; prayer, worship, teaching, intersession and more. No longer content with the status quo, no more sitting in the pew hoping for revival, He has raised our expectation and we know that He will deliver! As we sit with Him in Heavenly places, we believe God will CHANGE OUR REALITY to HIS REALITY. Join with us on Tuesday nights and see God move in a new way in your life!


Every Tuesday Night

Tuesdays at 6:30 pm

Bethel, portland Assembly of God

7220 SE Duke St, Portland, Oregon 97206

Meet with us in Sanctuary -

Portland Healing Rooms in the Basement



Mark Your Calendar

As we move into a season of REVIVAL, Precious Daughters finds itself partnering more and more with other revivalists and ministries to bring you fresh Holy Spirit events. Check frequently with us for what God is bringing to the Portland/Vancouver area this season.

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refreshed & empowered - November 30 & December 1

We are excited to host a team from Bethel, Redding featuring our dear friends Katherine Cheng and Jordan Miller-Piche. These young revivalists bring an excitement and enthusiasm for Holy Spirit that is infectious! Along with them come 5 dynamic Jesus lovers to share what God is speaking today. 

The team will teach, pray for MORE of His presence in your life, lead outreach ministry, pray for your healing and encourage you in your walk with Jesus.

Four ministries are coming together to bring you this God encounter; Precious Daughters, Bethel Assembly of God, Walk After Christ and Ministerios De Dios.

Bethel Portland AG, 7220 SE Duke St, Portland, OR 97206. Offering will be received to offset costs. No child care provided, however children are welcome!