Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain
the right of the poor and oppressed.
— Psalm 82:2-4

The Glorious Children’s Home was established in 1999 to provide hope and a future for girls of extreme poverty and neglect in Tamil Nadu, India. Since opening the home we have expanded from one two story building to include a bath house, kitchens, laundry facilities and even an American style playground. Each of the girls attend school full-time, are given room and board and enjoy all of the love and care that a child needs to prosper and grow in Jesus. At the GCH infectious laughter fills the dorm, some girls play a game of chase around others busy with homework, a stark contrast with the dirt huts and hunger of their previous lives in villages where they were not wanted.

Currently 35 girls and young women are harbored in the safety of our compound in India.

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Four Sisters, All Grown Up

A testimony

In India daughters are often viewed as a great financial burden, leading parents to take drastic measures like female infanticide (still practiced though it is illegal) to save themselves from ruin. In 1998 four sisters, Karthika, Jancy, Sangavi, and Santhiya arrived at the Glorious Children's Home with their grandmother. Their parents had committed suicide after the birth of their youngest and fourth daughter, Santhiya. Relatives refused to help and their grandmother was too old to work and support her young granddaughters. With no income, there was hardly any food, clothing, or even adequate shelter for the girls. Santhiya was only two and a half years old. 

The Glorious Children's Home welcomed Karthika, Jancy, Sangavi, and Santhiya. In the last two decades, they have each grown into smart, talented, Godly women who have even started families of their own. 

Jackson, Jancy, Santhiya, Sangavi, Karthika, Lazar

Jackson, Jancy, Santhiya, Sangavi, Karthika, Lazar


After completing her studies, Karthika attended one year of a nursing program and then attended Bible college for two years. In 2012 she married a pastor, Lazar, who works in a remote area. Karthika now helps in his ministry in the church activities, Sunday School, and youth work. When they first began, there were only a few people coming to the church services, and now they are blessed with more than 50 people. Karthika is now a mother of two, Priscilla (3) and John Wesley (6 months). 

Jancy, Jackson, and baby Feba

Jancy, Jackson, and baby Feba


Like her older sister, Jancy attended Bible college. There, she met her husband Jackson. Jackson works within Body of Christ Ministries and Jancy now helps with administrative and planning work for the Children's Home and helps organize the children's program in the church. In her spare time, she organizes fun new things and games for the girls living at the home. Jancy also has two children, a girl Feba (2.5) and a boy Febin Abishak (2.5 months). 


Karthika, Jancy, Sangavi, Santhiya

Karthika, Jancy, Sangavi, Santhiya

Sangavi followed in her sisters' footsteps and attended Bible college for two years. She married Prabahar, a young man working in Body of Christ Ministries. Sangavi works with her sister in the children's program in the church. They have recently been blessed with a handsome baby boy, Smith Wiggelsworth.


Santhiya is in her final year of Higher Secondary School. Her school life is going well and she continues to learn not just through daily classes and studies but through adventures she finds herself on while reading books. She loves dancing, singing, drawing, and just “hanging out” with the other girls. The pain of Santhiya's past has given her a deep compassion and love for others who have hurts they are trying to overcome. The Lord will work mightily through Santhiya's past pain. 


Santhiya, Sangavi, Jancy, Karthika

Santhiya, Sangavi, Jancy, Karthika

It is difficult to say where Karthika, Jancy, Sangavi, and Santhiya might have ended up if their grandmother had not brought them to the Glorious Children's Home. They came to GCH with no hope of a future or a life beyond the streets, but each one has grown into a beautiful woman of God with all the possibilities in the world before them. They have been blessed with their own families and children, who they will be able to raise in a loving, Christ-filled home--a life they could not have dreamed of when they first set foot on our doorstep.