Mark Your Calendar

As we move into a season of REVIVAL, Precious Daughters finds itself partnering more and more with other revivalists and ministries to bring you fresh Holy Spirit events. Check frequently with us for what God is bringing to the Portland/Vancouver area this season.

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Catch the Fire 25 Years

Carol Arnott and Heidi Baker Pray for Bertie, Theresa and Leslie

Catch the fire again! - february 12, 7 p.m.

The same Spirit the raised Jesus from the dead is still pouring out on His children. We were fortunate to travel to Toronto for the 25th anniversary of the outpouring and can happily report that the fresh wave of revival is beginning to break to the shore. Like the first time we were there 24 years ago, anticipation and hunger brought a deep burning fire to the 3,000 of us gathered and the countless with us on live streaming. God is moving on His family to prepare for the coming REVIVAL! 

”Love is nothing til you give it away…” Join us as Bertie, Leslie and Theresa bring the fire to Portland. We will pray for you and know that He will “do it again” as He always does. If you need healing or a refreshing, “come to the waters.”

Bethel Portland AG, 7220 SE Duke St, Portland, OR 97206. Offering will be received to offset costs. No child care provided, however children are welcome!