God Ripped the Lid OFF at A New Thing

“This is that!” which Joel prophesied, a fresh outpouring of His Holy Spirit. On the last night of A New Thing gathering God poured out His presence like a hydrogen bomb! Our team looked around shaking our heads as we saw the answer to years of prayers. He was and is truly doing A NEW THING!

Our friend from Catch the Fire Canada led the way. Ruth Preston is the new wave of revivalists born out of the same movement that sparked the beginning of Precious Daughters. As she shared her personal walk with Holy Spirit, eyes and hearts were opened allowing God to do whatever He wanted with our lives. He opened the door for a truly multi-racial multi-generational event where women were completely set free to be whom they were created to be. As Rita Bear Gray said, “Precious Daughters has come full circle!” We are back in the paradigm shifting, religion wrecking, life changing business.

Ruth Preston brings the fire on the last night of A New Thing.

Here’s what a few ladies had to say:

Denise - Hey, you know that part where you advertised A New Thing..... I said to myself... I'm in. So there I was. Right in the middle of the most tender, loving environment. The presence of God was so very sweet.....then BAM! I am wrecked. My prayer life has not been the same since. I had a physical touch from the Lord.... He had a great time messing with my categories. Bless your heart- what a wonderful woman of God you are. You certainly win the TRUTH IN ADVERTISING award. I did indeed come away with all that was promised and then some.

Come on ladies! Let God wreck you like He has me... it's magnificent. I have a new fire! And I thought I had a pretty good one before..... LET THE FIRE GROW FATHER!

Tammy - One of the best things ever.... going to a women's conference and watching your daughter be set free and filled with the Holy Ghost Fire!... and watching it overflow into church on Sunday!

Ashley - Oh man......this was the most life changing event of my life!! I went to that conference with a heavy judging heart I didn't want to get anything out of it. What he gave me was the strength and courage to forgive and forget! To let the fire consume me ....wow...was incredible. ..I was on the floor screaming, my body fill with fire, I had no control of what was going on, had no idea of what was going on around me and nor did I care!! LET HIS WORD BE DONE!! I AM SAAAAVVVVEEDDD. AH what an incredible feeling of being in church today, not wanting to leave, wanting more so I stayed for the next church to start their service...during worship the fire filled me today and then he gave me my singing voice back and also a word for the people there!! Thank YOU JESUS!!  I never KNEW the Holy Spirit was real, until I was on that ground screaming, the fire burning in me. I felt heat flowing from my mouth. I thought I was going to be lifted from the ground, My legs and arms were in the air....I'll never ever forget the day he entered me!!